The CU Challenge 2023 is for every Irish credit union on the island of Ireland. Whether walking with colleagues on your lunchbreak, cycling to work, going for a quick run or just going for a swim…the aim is for credit unions to go the distance around the 32 counties in 7 days.

However you do it, we’re here to support along the way. Through your involvement in the CU Challenge 2023 you’ll be supporting the ongoing development of credit unions in Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. After all credit unions are all about ‘people helping people’.

PS. There are trophies for the credit union teams who go the furthest distance! Who will be our CU Challenge 2023 Champions?

#CUChallenge23 #GoTheDistance

Tips To Fundraise and To Increase Kms

Whatever you’re doing to raise money, our top tips below will help you reach your km target and fundraising target and have some fun in the CU Challenge 2023

Make the first donation yourself: One donation on your profile page makes it much easier to ask your family and friends to sponsor your Challenge.

Ask friends and family members: Make the most of having friends at your fingertips, and ask them to sponsor your challenge.

Share your team page: Please share your team page on your credit union’s social pages and raise awareness of the Foundation to your members.

Cake sale/coffee morning: Get your team to bring in their speciality bakes and sell them off to raise money for the team’s CU Challenge 23.

Collection box: Have a box/bucket on your counter top for the CU Challenge 2023, and ask members to donate towards your teams effort.

Join us: Keep an eye on our social channels, share your journey and join the bigger challenge with all of us!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CUChallenge23 #GoTheDistance


Bring your credit union team together and set a team distance target to keep each other going throughout the 7 days.


Use the CU Challenge 2023 as some team-building time during World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October.


If the weather is a factor you could always set up a treadmill or stationary bike in your credit union and ensure your team still goes the distance!


Organise a fun day walk/run for your credit union. Whether you hike mountains or walk/run around your town, we’re sure you could use the event to get more people involved.


Challenge yourself and your colleagues to make your commute greener and healthier. Ditch the car, cycle or walk to work and do your bit for the environment!


Make the most of your day, go for a dip before work, go for a lunchtime walk with your teammates, or get a cycle in after work.